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Chef’s Corner: Tantalizing Tuna

DALLAS (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Making a tasty fish dinner does not have to be hard. This chef makes dishes she says won’t bore you half way through your meal. Recipes follow story!

For more than 20 years, food has been a big part of life for Chef Helen Duran, of Dallas Central Market. On today’s menu -- mustard rubbed tuna with red pepper mint relish. “It’s kind of an unusual recipe, but it’s a lot of fun and highly flavored,” she tells Ivanhoe.

It starts with an unusual combination, says Duran -- cumin, honey, Dijon mustard, mint and thyme. Pour the ingredients in a bowl and mix together.

“There are two different ways to do the recipe," she says. "One is as an appetizer and the other is as an entrée, so I’ve got two different ways that the tuna is cut.” A piece of the tail works for the appetizer, and a steak for the entrée.

Rub the mixture on thick -- then chill. Duran says, “If you can chill it for four or five hours, great. If you can’t, then chill it for 30 minutes.”

Then it’s ready to seer. “The trick when you’re doing this is you don’t want to overcook it. You always want to see a line of pink,” she says.

The fish is ready, but it needs another touch. So combine roasted red pepper, lemon juice, lemon zest, peppermint and parsley. Add some olive oil to give it a shine -- and then, just before you’re ready to serve, mix in some chopped almonds. They stay a little crispy and their flavor is not going to marry like the rest of the flavors.

Duran serves hers by layering arugula, fish and relish. Shaved pecorino cheese tops it off -- and leaves you with a different taste with every bite. Helen says the relish can also be used to top eggs, cooked meat, or even on top of a salad.

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