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Seduction Cookbook

Seduction CookbookLOS ANGELES (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- If you think the bedroom is the most seductive place in your home, you may not have spent enough time in the kitchen. Here's one woman who can tell you how to cook, using romance as the main ingredient and her art of seduction. Recipes follow story!

When Diane Brown goes into a kitchen, she usually has two things on her mind -- two people, that is.

"There are so few cookbooks for two, so I wanted to see how I could create romantic dinners that people could make at home and enjoy for two," Brown, of Intimate Catering in Los Angeles, tells Ivanhoe.

Brown's "The Seduction Cookbook" -- Buy it here.
Brown is author of the "The Seduction Cookbook," designed to make dinner a form of romance like her cumin crusted scallops with leek sauce and celery root puree.

First, cut the celery root. Then boil it, and cut a single leek into half-inch slices.

Brown says leeks are part of the onion family. The English always thought that onions were a very powerful stimulant -- helpful, she says, with romance.

Next, mix cumin seed, an ancient Indian aphrodisiac, with salt and pepper for a tangy crust.

She then tosses the scallops, which are packed with testosterone-increasing phosphorus and zinc, with the mix and fried in olive oil. Keep the scallops warm while you rinse the leeks. Sauté them with heavy cream.

Seduction CookbookIn the meantime, purée the boiled celery root with chicken broth.

Brown says serve it with white wine, but go easy! "People like to drink a libation with dinner. But don't have too much because you want to make sure that you're still in the mood after you're done," she says.

The finished product makes a tempting presentation, made even more appealing when mixed with the right atmosphere and the right couple.

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