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Picnic Plans

Take advantage of summer weather with a picnic party for two and this personal chef's recipes. You'll want to say "no" to ham and cheese and potato chips and "yes" to a succulent salmon sandwich. Recipes follow story.

Kathleen Delano handed in her chef's hat a year ago to become a personal chef.

"I just thought the freedom to be flexible and go where I want to go, I just thought it would be fun," Delano, of Kathleen's Cuisines, tells Ivanhoe.

Today, she's working on a picnic with a salmon club sandwich. "I like it because it's easy, very tasty, lots of flavors," she says.

Delano starts the sandwich by marinating two salmon filets in olive oil, dill, lemon juice and her special blend of herbs.

She says, "I'm using an instant marinator, which makes it very quick too, so you don't have to plan too far ahead for this." In fact, a minute is equal to an hour of regular marinating.

After five minutes, Delano is ready to cook the filets. Three to four minutes on each side does the trick.

Next, grill your bread on either an indoor or outdoor grill.

Assemble the sandwich ahead of time or on site. Delano says, "This is a spicy tartar sauce that I make, it's got a little jalapeno, it's got capers, tarragon, it's got my spicy mustard."
Pile on the bacon, grilled onions, tomato and lettuce. Top it off with wine and a summer berry tart and you've got a romantic picnic for two.

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