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Cupcake Café

Easter for children is all about baskets and bunnies, chocolates and candies. Here is a woman who demonstrates the art of cupcakes and icing that melts in your mouth. Recipes follow story.

Yummy! Butter cream icing -- it's the secret weapon that sets The Cupcake Café in New York City apart from other bakeries.

"We're known for the butter cream, and we're known for the decoration, actually mostly the flowers that we make out of butter cream," owner Ann Warren tells Ivanhoe.

Warren says butter cream icing is not hard to make, it just takes patience. The ingredients are simple: eggs, sugar, water, vanilla and lots of butter.

Start by boiling sugar and water. To tell when it's at the right temperature, Warren says, "It either registers at 236 degrees Fahrenheit on a candy thermometer or when it falls from a spoon or whisk the threads start to fall or form."

Start your eggs mixing, and then add in the sticky sugar water mixture into the eggs while it's still very, very hot. Let that cool.

Go ahead and beat your butter, then add the cooled mixture and vanilla. In the end, you will have mounds of soft, rich icing. At The Cupcake Café, butter cream icing is a canvas for all colors.

Warren says, "After it's been in the fridge, even overnight, you can still take a regular knife and cut through the whole thing."

Now for decorating, start with plain, iced cupcakes.

Little squirts of yellow, orange and black turns this into a little Easter chick. Between that and a bouquet of roses, tulips and hyacinths, your Easter treat is ready!

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