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Chef's Corner: Meat Lovers Rejoice!

PHOENIX (Ivanhoe Newswire) --Summer is in full swing, and that means it's time to break out those grills and smokers. If you thought barbecuing was as simple as slapping meat on a grill, think again. There are some tricks to getting moist, tender and flavorful meat. We’re introducing you to one woman who has a passion for barbecue.  

This isn't just any meat. These are Susie Timm's works of art.

"It's an art, and it's a sport, and it's fun," Susie Timm, Owner of Girl Meats Fork, told Ivanhoe.

Timm is a self-proclaimed meat connoisseur. She and her award-winning team, Loot'n' Booty, attend barbecue competitions across the southwest. 

"I'm not ashamed of the fact that I love meat, and I'm a hungry carnivore," Timm explained.

If you love meat too, Timm says a slow-cooking smoker is the way to go. Getting started is as simple as lighting some charcoal and throwing in a few chunks of apple wood for flavor. To prepare the meat, trim any excess fat. Then, place it in a plastic bag to marinate.

"Italian dressing has won us a lot of competitions, so we're pretty excited about it," Timm said.

Make sure there's no air in the bag. Let the meat marinate in the fridge for about three hours. Then, take it out and pat it dry.

"Any competition barbecue team uses rub and uses it liberally, and rub is their best friend," Timm explained.

You can make a simple rub with brown sugar, paprika, salt and pepper, and granulated garlic. Once you mix it, apply it liberally to the meat. Then, put the meat on the smoker. Susie says a mistake is cranking up the heat and drying out the meat.

"Barbecue by definition is all about low and slow," Timm added.

Other tips she included were to always use tongs to turn the meat. A fork will punch holes in it and allow natural juices to escape. Try to turn the meat only once to get the best flavor. Only add sugar-based sauces at the very end since they burn easily. Most of all Timm says enjoy the process.

"I think food should be fun," Timm concluded.

That’s advice that's sure to lead to a cooking success.  Susie Timm has her degree in political science and was a banker for years but says she realized her passion was food. She has a web site where she blogs, shares recipes and writes about her competitions,

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