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Reported January 22, 2013

Unnecessary Deodorant Use?


(Ivanhoe Newswire) – One of the first habits many Americans are taught as they begin puberty is to put on deodorant every day. While for the majority of people deodorant staves off the musky underarm odor, other may be using the hygiene tool unnecessarily. 
A recent study found that 78% of individuals who don’t have under-arm body odor due to a version of the gene ABCC11 still regularly wear deodorant. 
 After analyzing 6,495 women who were involved with the Children of the 90s study at the University of Bristol, researchers were able to determine that 117 of the women carried an unusual version of a gene called ABCC11, which has previously been linked to a lack of under-arm body odor. 
Researchers then looked at the women’s deodorant use in relation to the gene variant within ABCC11, age, background, and overall household hygiene. 
Out of the 117 women without under-arm body odor, only around 22% did not use deodorant regularly. 
“Three quarters of those who do not produce an odor regularly use deodorants; we believe that these people simply follow socio-cultural norms,” lead study author Professor Ian Day was quoted as saying.
The knowledge that so many use deodorants despite having no physical need to do so is surprising. However, now people that think they may not have underarm body odor can easily figure out if deodorant is truly needed. 
“A simple gene test might strengthen self-awareness and save some unnecessary purchases and chemical exposures for non-odor producers,” study author Dr. Santiago Rodriguez was quoted as saying. 
For those hoping for an easier sign than a gene test, individuals with the genetic variant also tend to have dry, instead of sticky ear wax.
Source: Journal of Investigative Dermatology, January 2013

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Advances in health and medicine.
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