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Advances in health and medicine.
Marjorie Bekaert Thomas
Advances in health and medicine.
Mental Health Channel
Reported January 29, 2013

Almost A Psychopath?

BOSTON, Mass. (Ivanhoe Newswire) - Is there something just a little bit off about one of your friends, family members, or co-workers? While they may not suffer from a mental disorder, they could be closer than you think!

Psychopaths have a chronic mental disorder that causes abnormal or violent social behavior. This book says top jobs for psychopaths include lawyers, journalists, surgeons, and chefs.

Harvard medical school doctor Ron Schouten says there are also “almost psychopaths.” People who show…

“Lack of empathy, indifference to right or wrong,” Ronald Schouten, M.D., J.D., from Harvard Medical School, Co-Author of Almost a Psychopath tells Ivanhoe.

 “It’s hard to imagine, but think about a person that doesn’t care about anybody but themselves,” explains James Silver, J.D., Co-Author of Almost a Psychopath.

Criminal defense lawyer James Silver believes about one in seven people fit the description.

Silver tells Ivanhoe, “We’re confident that there are tens of millions of almost psychopaths in the United States. And these are people that you have to deal with.”

These two wrote the book on almost psychopaths. They say watch out for these signs: superficial charm, arrogance, pathological lying, and lack of remorse.

And be careful in relationships. Almost psychopaths may come on strong.

“So suddenly you find yourself in a relationship going much too fast and you are the giver and they are consistently the taker,” says Dr. Schouten.  

Also called successful psychopaths, at work they may cozy up to you just to steal your ideas!

Silver explains that, “They’re not really interested in helping the team. They are only interested in helping themselves. Then in the end they try to take credit for more than they should.”

We’re helping to raise your awareness, because they may be hard to avoid.

“I’d say there’s no way to never deal with an almost psychopath. The idea though is to understand that it isn’t your fault if you’ve been fooled,” concludes Silver.

If you’re worried you might be almost a psychopath yourself — relax. The fact that the idea concerns you at all is a good sign that you’re not one. But if you take pride in the idea, you could have a problem.  For more information on almost psychopaths, visit

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